The Common Scold

The Common Scold is named after a cause of action that originated in Pilgrim days, when meddlesome, argumentative, opinionated women who displeased the Puritan elders were punished by a brisk dunk in the local pond. Believe it or not, the tort lasted until 1972, when State v. Palendrano, 120 N.J. Super. 336, 293 A.2d 747 (N.J.Super.L., Jul 13, 1972) pretty much put it to rest. But the thought of those feisty women, not afraid of a little cold water, has always cheered me up and inspired me. I first used the moniker as the name of my humor column at the University of San Francisco School of Law many moons ago, and revive it now for this blawg!

DLA Piper Live Webcast of Tech Summit Today

Summit Technology Summit: DLA Piper convenes its second "DLA Piper Global Technology Leaders Summit" today, featuring keynote speeches from Cisco's chair/CEO John Chambers (morning) and Hewlett Packard's Shane Robison, executive vice president chief strategy and technology officer (lunch).

Catch the sessions via live webcast: afternoon programs include a panel on "The Venture Capital Model," (3:15-4:15 PST), and the closing keynotes from William Cohen, former U.S. Secretary of Defense, and Tom Daschle former U.S. Senator, and now U.S. senior policy advisor for the firm (4:30-5:30 PST).

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Mark Your Calendar: 9/23 for Virtual LegalTech

22340488 On Sept. 23, ALM will host the next "live" session of Virtual LegalTech. It is free, and all but one of the four hour-long panels will offer continuing legal education credit for California, New York, and Illinois attorneys (Florida credit is pending).

• 10:15: "Tools & Techniques for a Successful Business Development Culture: Client Teams." (No CLE.)

• 1:45: "Improving Legal Department and Firm Efficiences through Innovative Technologies." (Speakers include consultant Steven Levy, a frequent contributor to Law Technology News.)

• 2:45: "FRCP 26 (F) All Access: A Behind the Scenes View of the Current Requirements." (U.S. District Court Judge Michael Baylson is among the speakers.)

• 4:00: "Social Media & eDiscovering: Untangling the Tweets for Trials." (U.S. District Court Judge David Waxse is on this panel.)

For a full schedule, click here.

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MAILBOX #20100808

Email * Jim Hammond, president of RainMaker Software, has launched his self-named blog, addressing "the intersection of law firm technology and the real world." His most recent post addresses specialty billing methods.

* James Erik Abels, who worked with our team as a reporter on Law Firm Inc. a few years back,and then did a stint at Forbes, has debuted "Three Minute Media,"  It is a web video news network, he explains. 

* Jonathan Nystrom, executive v.p. of Cataphora, checks in to invite us to check out "The Digital You" software that the company is giving away. "Digital Mirror is a software app that allows you to examine your online interactions and relationships. Are they what you want and expect, or do you want to do something to improve them?" he asks. 

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SnowWith yet another snowstorm expected to hit the tri-state area today and tomorrow, the inaugural meeting of the New Jersey chapter of Women in E-Discovery has been postponed.

I'm so disappointed as I was looking forward to the event (I was scheduled to speak on social networking). But I'm also relieved because I've got the flu/cold bug that's traversing the area faster than the downhill skiers in Vancouver.

The fabulous Babs Deacon will speak at the March meeting, on data analytics. I'll be speaking in June. Hopefully, it won't be snowing in June.

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Huge thanks to Craig Ball -- and to the Women in E-Discovery's NYC Chapter -- for a wonderful lunch at the organization's January meeting -- where Craig and I spoke about how women can use e-discovery training to end run the "glass ceiling."

I'm in the process of writing about the event for the next issue of LTN -- and because we have recently merged the LTN and Law.com technology website, we have not yet completed building the archives, so I don't have public access yet to many LTN stories.

Therefore, if you will induldge me, I'm going to reprint my Nov. 2008  "Just Equal" column here, so I can link to it in LTN and folks will be able to access it. I'm also putting an excerpt of my October 2008 Editor's Note where I challenged every law firm managing partner, every GC, and every vendor CEO to fix gender pay inequities. It's easy. Just get a salary report from HR, identify what needs to be changed, and in the words of Nike, "Just Do it!"

I'll put these "behind the curtain," so just click below to "keep reading" to find it.

Editor's Note October 2008

Many of us were appalled to learn that after all these years, we still have an embarrassing gender gap: women in our legal industry last year earned only 51% of the money that went to men in equal jobs. U.S. Census figures, released in August, reveal that women earned about $53,800, compared to male peers' $105,200, reports The National Law Journal's Vesna Jaksic.

Ironically, our tech community scored better, but still inexcusably different, with women paralegals and litigation support staff getting 93.2% of what men get paid for the same work. When you consider that women dominate trial support staff work, it's even more chilling.

This is unacceptable. I challenge every GC, law firm managing partner, and legal vendor CEO to check their own employee records and remedy this today. (Check out the fiery debate on The Common Scold — http://tinyurl.com/ltnpay.)

Just Equal, November 2008

by Monica Bay

Recently, Chere Estrin (who is launching a magazine for women in litigation, with the sassy name, Sue) and I were cyberchatting about the thorny challenges that face women, minorities, gays and lesbians in the legal profession.

Recent reports in The National Law Journal (http://tinyurl.com/NLJdiversity) have been disheartening, documenting pay discrepancies, and little improvement in ladder climbing at BigLaw, especially for minority attorneys. Even more distressing — the toooften- vitriolic comments on Above the Law (www.abovethelaw.com) and other blogs.

Estrin happened to notice that our September LTN was estrogen-free, and asked me about why there were no women's bylines.

"What do you think accounts for the lack of women writers, technology pros and other positions in legal technology?" she queried.

I was surprised, and grabbed a handful of issues to check my own stats. As editor of LTN for a decade, I have always had a fierce commitment to embrace diversity in all aspects of our operation. I also blog about this topic constantly on The Common Scold (www.thecommonscold.com) and EDD Update (www.eddupdate.com). My passion is shared by our leadership, one of the many reasons why I've stayed here for 23 years. Here's what I found:

• Ten members of our 38-member editorial advisory board are women. I rotate about 20% of members off every year to make room for new talent. But I have not had success attracting minority members, only one in the last few years. (Interested candidates, e-mail me!)

• Women are regularly featured as our "Up Close" profile, so far this year, in five issues.

• May's President's Corner was a female.

• In the last four issues, 10 women had bylines. Donna Payne writes her wonderful Test Drive column, featured in most issues.

• Over the decade, our unit has hired and trained many talented journalists, in cluding many women and several minorities.

Indeed, the foundation of LTN has been our keen belief that our profession is changing from being run like private clubs — to a corporate model that values diversity and empowers everyone to do their best possible work. It's only good business to do so.

This is a core LTN campaign that I am proud to champion.

But it's obvious that our legal profession has a long road to go, and that there are no easy answers. Lisa Belkin, in her final Life's Work column (http://tinyurl.com/LTNBelkin) in The New York Times summed it up when she said that after a decade, she's left with more questions than answers.

There are so many nuanced factors that sabotage glib road maps: everything from balancing family and work; negotiating salaries; teamwork; effective self-promotion; leadership; and even ridiculous stereotypes (e.g., crying ruins a woman's career). And a whole lot of folks, myself included, have absolutely no interest in the lifestyle and sacrifices required to become and stay a BigFirm partner.

But there is no question — racism and sexism remain deeply embedded in our profession. That simply must change. We must continue the dialogue, no matter how difficult. We must strongly support and mentor the women, minorities, gays and lesbians who are climbing the ranks of our profession.

Fortunately, there are good men and women genuinely trying to fix this. We simply cannot give up. We must use everything in our power to make it right, and just. 

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Doors Are Open! Our first Virtual LegalTech has launched.


The Exhibit Hall opened this morning at 9 a.m. Starting at 10 a.m., a new program started every hour. My program airs at 3 p.m., "IT Leadership in Turbulent Times," with Morrison & Foerster's James McKenna, and Nixon Peabody's John Roman Jr. John and I (and possibly James) will be available live for chats at 4:15 p.m. EST today (in the Lounge)!

You can catch the programs "live" today, until 5 p.m., when the doors close -- but only for about an hour. Later tonight, the site reopens, with all panels available as downloadable archives.

All the features will be up and running, including a Resource Center (TheEdgeRoom) -- the digital library, where you will find brochures, fact sheets, literature, product info, podcasts, etc. You can roam the "virtual booths" at the and even chat with folks in the Networking Lounge.

P.S. Our apologies to John Roman for adding an "and" to Nixon Peabody in our LTN Daily Alert today! We caught it JUST after the "send" button had been hit. Mea culpa! I feel like a contestant on Jeopardy who couldn't click the buzzer on time!

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Our former ALM colleagues, Edward Adams and Molly McDonough, have just completed a two-week road trip -- one component of the ABA Journal's "Legal Rebels: Remaking the Profession" project. Adams is now the editor and publisher of the ABAJ; McDonough is the online assistant managing editor. They were joined on the tour by reporter Rachel Zahorsky and video dude John McQuiston.

The idea of the project was to identify lawyers who have changed the practice of law, and to report using just about every conceivable type of media: video, audio podcasts, wikis, photo slideshows, flicker, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. They even offered a "song of the day" during transit.

Taking full advantage of sponsor product placement (Hertz provided the SUV, Sprint the phones and Starwood the crashpads), the journey started in Boston and ended up in Washington, D.C.

They conducted daily interviews with a wide range of lawyers, including "Free Talker" Frank Aquila, and "Gossip at Law" David Lat (who was profiled, and then conducted a very strange interview of Steven Brill, the founder of American Lawyer Media).

Hats off to the ABAJ team for an ambitious adventure that demonstrates the strengths (and some of the weaknesses) of the exciting and sometimes overwhelming new technologies we are all grappling to understand and use.

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Vtlogo A launch date has been established for our new "Virtual Legal Tech" (a.k.a. VLT). The cyberdoors will open on November 19, and then it will be available 24/7/365, says proud papa Henry Dicker, czar of all things LegalTech. VLT will offer CLE-accredited programming, social networking and a unique sales interface for vendors.

When the curtains open, Aric Press, editor-in-chief of The American Lawyer will present the "Plenary Session" -- an interview with Ashish Nanda, faculty chair, executive education and research director of the Harvard Law School Center for Law and the Professions. The hour-long discussion will focus on "New Associate Recruitment: Trends and Projections."

Other programs will include a discussion on "International E-Discovery," lead by Shearman & Sterling's George Rudoy, with Michelle Mahoney of Mallesons Stephen Jacques, Chris Dale of the eDiscovery Information Project, and Christopher Byrne of Wave Software.

I'll also be on the cyberpodium moderating a panel on "IT Leadership in Turbulent Times," with Morrison & Foerster's James McKenna and Nixon Peabody's John Roman Jr. We will discuss how CIOs can help their organizations, their teams and their own careers as we all navigate these challenging times and rethink law practice management protocols and policies.

And that's just three of the programs.

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Sea of Possibilities: In September's Law Technology Now podcast, I am joined by Bob Ambrogi, author of Law Technology News' Web Watch column, and Jim Calloway, director of the Oklahoma Bar Association's Management Assistance Program.

Calloway was guest author of the September Web Watch column (while Bob took a well-deserved vacation). The three of us have a lively discussion about new web-based search tools, including the recent launch of Microsoft's Bing, and a nifty new "computational" tool, Wolfram|Alpha, that lets you compare data (say, for example, the 2009 home runs of the Yankees v. the long balls from the Red Sox).

Says Calloway, "Classically (if one can use that term discussing the web), there are two broad uses of Internet searching. One is to find something we know is there, as when one uses Google to find the link to the LTN website. The other is searching for something that might be valuable, but is not known."

After we chat about search tools, Ambrogi and I offer a sneak preview of the "Social Media: Risks Rewards" program that will be held at the Harvard Club in New York City on September 21. The aim is to help your organization exploit the best from social media tools while protecting your intellectual property, reputation and employees. (Scold readers can use promo code TCS to receive a $50 discount.)

 Law Technology Now podcasts are produced in partnership with the Legal Talk Network and also are available on iTunes.

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Bank Want to see me turn purple with anxiety? Put me anywhere near an Excel spread sheet. I may be a decent storyteller, but I'm notoriously awful with digits. My bosses long ago gave up on sending me anything that involves opening Excel, and even John Tredennick, author of two books on how great Excel is, couldn't get thru my brain lock. (He did teach me PowerPoint, but that's another story).

I write. And talk. That's what I do best. This is why I work for a company and I'm not a solo -- so that other people who are brilliant at numbers can work their magic and I don't have to!

But there is help for those of you who share my affliction: My friend Terry Lloyd (who guides me through the numbers I must crunch in my life) helps demystify accounting for our profession. Lloyd is a CPA/CFA and a director at the Finance Scholars Group in Orinda, Calif., and is part of the team presenting a two-day "Basics of Accounting for Lawyers 2009," for the Practising Law Institute. The road trip wraps up today and tomorrow in Chicago, (they've already  been in New York and San Francisco) but you can still get an MP3 audio, audio CD, or a DVD of the program. It will be released on Sept. 4.

Terry was part of the San Francisco program and live webcast, which was co-chaired by Curtis Burr (Burr, Pilger & Mayer) and Lawrence Cirelli (Hanson Bridget), and also included A. Christine Davis (Hemming Morse), David Evans (Haight Brown & Bonesteel), Christopher Holland (Krieg, Keller, Sloan, Reilley & Roman), Michele Kyrouz (Latham & Watkins), Robert Leach (SEC), Moji Saniefar (Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe) and consultant Rashell Young.

Topics included Understanding GAAP, GAAS, and the Accounting Cycle: Framework & Principles; Anatomy of the Balance Sheet; Anatomy of the Income Statement; Understanding the Statement of Cash Flows: Follow the Money -- Cash is King; The Importance of the Notes to the Financial Statements; Avoiding Legal and Accounting Ethical Issues; Effectively Using Financial Experts; Lawyers' Use/Misuses of Financial Language; SEC Enforcement Actions/Priorities; Fraud and Other Issues on the Horizon.

I'm so glad there are Terry Lloyds in the world who can 'splain it all to those of us who would rather eat pins than even look at an Excel icon.

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We did some old-fashioned networking -- the kind where you actually talk in person -- at our "Green Your Career" breakfast at LegalTech West Coast -- where we had a packed house full of job seekers, vendors, and law firm folks. I'm already hearing from some attendees that the event may have linked at least one person with a new gig!

Huge, huge thanks to the generosity of the vendors who provided so many gift cards that we were able to give every job seeker at least two! Thank you!

And thanks to our speakers -- Brad Blickstein, Tom Collins, Babs Deacon, John Lipsey, Mary Mack, Mark Reichenbach, John Tredennick, and  J. Craig Williams for such terrific outreach and discussions.

Good luck to the folks who are looking for work, and thanks for joining us!

NetworkingLater Thursday, we put the spotlight on another kind of networking, with our Twitter panel. Matt Homann (@matthomann), of LexThink, started off the discussion, with his excellent job of "framing" the discusssion, and was followed by LexBlog's Kevin O'Keefe (@kevinokeefe), who always makes you want to run right out and try the sites and tips he offers.

Practicing lawyers Denise Howell (solo, @dhowell) and Nina Goldberg (associate at Baker Hostetler, @ninakat) discussed how they use Twitter in their law practice. Howell was stellar as always, and Goldberg -- in her first podium gig -- proved to be a natural born speaker, as she focused on how as a relatively new lawyer she finds Twitter both useful -- and entertaining.

Thanks to all for a fascinating panel!

Our colleague Sean Doherty was unable to attend the show, but that didn't stop him from providing an overview of some of the new products that were launched at the event, including the revamp of CompuLaw's Deadlines on Demand website, and a new service called Litovation, from IKON.  Check it out here.

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Michael Kay's got his "SEE YA!"

•  John Sterling, well he's just way too theatrical for me with all that A-bomb from A-Rod and vibrato chest thumbing "The Yannnnnkeeees winnnnn" nonsense.
• SNL Weekend Update has it gooey "Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow."
• Edward R. Murrow had "Good Night, and Good Luck."
• Cronkite had "And that's the way it is."
• Probst has "The tribe has spoken."
• Then there's "Let's be careful out there" from  Hill Street Blues.

You get the picture. (Hat tip to TVland).

So I need your help.
I'm truly stumped. I need a catch phrase to end each episode of my Law Technology Now podcasts. And no, I don't want, "That's the Bay view" or similar thangs, and I kinda suspect people would not be enchanted by "Let's Go Yankees!"

Ideas????  Post a comment below, or e-mail me: commonscold@incisivemedia.com.

Winner gets a $25 iTunes card!

Update: Suggestions have been flying in!

So far, my favorite is from Avvo's Mark Britton: "Remember, 'technology' is Latin for profitability." Keep 'em comin'

From Rick Georges: There is not crying in baseball -- or technology. (love it)

From: John Jablonski: “Best tech, best talk”
 “Talk is cheap: legal tech talk is priceless”
 All tech, all the time, on demand: Legal Technology Now
 The voice of legal technology

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FiredThis erratic economy has been tough on everybody, but none more so than the members of our legal technology community who have lost their jobs. It's difficult, scary, and challenging for even the most self-confident professionals.

Our Incisive gang wants to help -- so we decided to team up at LegalTech West Coast and offer a simple, heartfelt gesture: On day 2 (Thursday June 25) we will host a very informal, free "Green Your Career" networking breakfast, from 7:45--8:45 a.m. at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

It will be co-hosted by Law Technology News and law.jobs, with the support of the LegalTech crew, and has a straightforward format:  We're inviting job seekers -- as well as vendors and law firm leaders (even if you do not currently have an available opening).

For the first half-hour, we'll just schmooze together, and enjoy coffee, tea, danish, etc. — i.e., a chance to "work the room."  Then we'll gather at round tables, where at each table a leader of our community will talk about how he or she survived/thrived thru a career transition. Among the scheduled speakers are:

• John Tredennick, who was a litigator partner at Holland & Hart when he spun off Catalyst Respository Systems.
• Tom Collins, former owner of Juris Inc., who survived cancer and now is a murder mystery novelist!
• J. Craig Williams, who shuttered his small firm and joined Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold.
• Mary Mack, renowned counsel at Fios Inc.
• Brad Blickstein, who opened his own consultancy to help businesses serve corporate legal departments, after working in magazine publishing.
• Babs Deacon, who was one of the SPi folks who lost jobs last winter, who is the new director of consulting at Integreon, based in New York.
• Mark Reichenbach, who just joined Capital Legal Solutions after losing his gig at i365.
• John Lipsey, who left law practice to work for legal technology vendors, and now works for Martindale Hubbell Connected. 

The event is FREE -- and all attendees will be invited to stick around and visit our exhibit hall and the Day 2 Keynote Address (immediately following the breakfast) on us.

Job seekers will be encouraged to post their resumes on lawjobs.com, and all firms/vendors who attend will get free access to lawjobs.com (for a limited period, of course).

Again, just a simple concept:  let's provide an hour of inspiration, nurturing, contacts, and networking. 

Please come, whether you need a job, or just want to offer encouragement. And if you are coming to show support, please bring along a gift card (you can pick them up at most supermarkets or drug stores), so we can give a day brightener "party favor" to each job seeker. It can be just a few dollars (or more if you can tithe a bit more generously) -- to a national "chain" such as Starbucks, Target, Macy's, Chevron, Von's, movies, SuperCuts -- you get the picture. Something practical and upbeat that will lift spirits!

(If you can't attend and want to send a gift card, mail them to us c/o Law Technology News, 120 Broadway, 5th floor, NYC 10271.)

Job seekers: Come for warmth, support and new contacts! If you e-mail us at lawtech@incisivemedia.com, we'll have a badge ready for you (and that will help us make sure we have enough coffee and danish). But you can also just show up.

Firms/vendors: If you do have a spot open, what a better place to find great talent? And even if you don't, you might tomorrow -- so bring lots of business cards.

And as an added incentive for technology vendors: We will raffle off a wonderful lunch or dinner with moi (you can even use the word "solution" and I will promise to try not to cringe) where you can tell me about your company's plans, products and services and get a great meal on LTN!

BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!  Visit www.legaltechshow for details, or e-mail LTN at lawtech@incisivemedia.com.

LAST but not least: Please help spread the word!  Twitter this! Blog this! Reprint this post freely! Let's get viral! The permalink is http://tinyurl.com/LTWCbkf. Twitter hash: #LTWC.

Update: Great news! The Los Angeles County Bar Association (which offers career resources on its website, has joined us as a co-sponsor of the breakfast!!

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Door With all the layoffs and corporate restructuring, sometimes legal holds can get lost in the shuffle. As computers and workloads get reassigned, sometimes key data can evaporate.

In LTN's April cover story, "Watch the Door," John Jablonski, a partner at Buffalo's Goldberg Segalla, offers a check list for folks in IT, risk management and HR, to help preserve proper legal holds.

Visit www.lawtechnologynow.com (or www.legaltalknetwork, or iTunes) to hear Jablonski talk with me about these issues -- and his upcoming Defense Research Institute conference. 

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MAILBAG #090222

Advice3From da inbox:

Video CLE: Ellis Mirsky says Trial.com  www.trial.com, now offers free video CLE programs. Tarrytown N.Y.'s Mirsky is exec director and GC of Trial.com, which is a network of trial lawyers and firms. They are also offering litigation management podcasts on iTunes.

Economy crunch: Samantha Carlin, of Steven Brill's Clear, says even if your law firm or company is not reimbursing users for membership in its program that helps frequent fliers circumvent long TSA lines, Clear will still set up employee discount programs, and can send over its mobile enrollment kiosk. I absolutely love Clear, especially when I'm flying in/out of JFK and SFO. Its staff are professional, courteous, and savvy. (Usual caveat: Brill used to be my boss.)  Interested? Contact Carlin here. 

John Bringarder, news editor at Law.com, caught this enticing post on Above the Law about some of the severe cutbacks at BigLaw.... including a decision by Locke Lord to shift from Lexis to LoisLaw to cut research costs. ATL also broke the classic gaffe story about the chatty commuter on Acela who loudly discussed pending layoffs at Pillsbury.

David Henderson chronicled this little faux pas by Ketchum's James Andrews who, when arriving at Memphis, carelessly Twittered that he was underwhelmed by client FedEx's home town -- which created quite the brouhaha. (Hat tip to Donna Payne for spotting it.)

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Hatetech Anthony Paonita, editor-in-chief of Corporate Counsel magazine, and I are organizing a panel for LegalTech New York that should be a flat-out blast. We've got a GREAT crew of speakers, and a great topic: "What I Hate About Technology - and what i expect my outside counsel, co-counsel, vendors and staff to do about it!"

It will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 3 -- from 3:30- 5 pm -- and will also be taped for my Law Technology Now podcast series. Come hear about their pet peeves and  their wish lists. Whether you are outside counsel, a vendor, or also in GC offices, you're bound to hear pragmatic, real-world information that can help you help your organization -- and your own career.
Scheduled speakers include  Alexander Arato of CA, Ted Banks, formerly of Kraft Foods,  David Cambia, of Aon Corp., Janine Dascenzo, associate general counsel of GE, and Kim Townsan, of United Technologies Corp.

And the wonderful Ted Banks wrote an article in our January issue of Law Technology News, which should go up online by the 2nd (if not before)

I'm so looking forward to this program!

So what's YOUR pet peeve about tech? Dive into the comments and let's compare notes.

1/28 Update: I'm thrilled to announce that our program will be proudly sponsored by CommVault,  which offers e-discovery services.

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MO MAILBAG #080806

Mailbag5Still more incoming:

• Kevin Hunt
checked in from July's American Association of Law Libraries Portland (Ore) meeting to let us know that West posted a "Westcast" with Leonard Lee, about how the "Google generation" is approaching legal research. Check it out here.

And on the Westblog, Bob Azman, vp of West's "customer experience operations," invites you to contact him directly about your experiences and needs — echoing a theme of our July LTN cover story by Alvin Podboy, who dares legal librarians to start talking to legal publishing vendors. For more info, you can reach Hunt here.

• Update on the laptop seizures
controversy: The Association of Corporate Travel Executives' exec director Susan Gurley testified before Congress about the ongoing controversy over seizures of business travelers' laptops. Details here.

• LTN's Safia Maharaj
found this tech/beisbol/charity item, "Text Me Out to the Ballgame" -- about a pilot project between the Washington Nationals and MLB.com (major league baseball's website) to raise money for the Children's National Medical Center's proposed Diabetes Care Complex. During the day game on 7/13, fans were invited to text "NATS" to 90999 to donate $5 -- a tactic also used during the All Star Game at Yankee Stadium to raise money to fight breast cancer. Clever and painless -- and less expensive than a soda at the Stadium. Let's see more of these! Check out the Mobile Giving Foundation here.

• Last call! The deadline's been extended until tomorrow (Friday) to nominate your company for the 2009 LTN Vendor Awards, which will presented at LegalTech New York in February. Check it out here.  It's quick and easy, and as they say re: the New York Lottery, if you don't enter, you can't win.

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Tomorrow_3They're up! Our "six-pack" of podcasts from the "TomorrowLand" panel of the Law Technology News presents FutureTech track at last month's LegalTech West Coast are now available at Law.com's Law Technology Now site. (You can also find it at the Legal Talk Network, and on iTunes!)

You can listen to the predictions and wisdom from Tom Baldwin, Craig Ball, Doug Caddell, Peter Hsiao, Judith Flournoy, and J. Craig Williams, and download PowerPoints. With a nod to Disneyland's iconic venue, we looked forward to the "tomorrows" of legal technology.

It took quite a team effort to make this happen. First, thanks to our audience for graciously helping us with the bumps and gurgles that happen when recording a live program. Your enthusiasm (and patience) was much appreciated as we coped with the Murphy's Law tech problems! We learned a lot that will help future efforts! (Cue the cute kid with the big hair and the dog -- "The sun will come up...Tomorrow!")

Second, thanks to our amazing speakers, who stepped up to the proverbial plate to deliver amazing content. You are terrific!

Third, thanks to BlueArc, our sponsor of the live program and the podcasts, for joining us on this inaugural effort. (Be sure to visit their website to learn about their network storage offerings). 

Finally, Huge, huge, huge thanks to the indefatigueable teams at Law.com, the Legal Talk Network , and Law Technology News, including Jill Windwer, Lu Ann Reeb and her entire team, and Katie Montgomery and Russ Curtis for unending support.

Enjoy the podcasts!

Hat tip to Craig Ball for the graphic!

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LuannThe human energy bar, Lu Ann Reeb, president of Legal Talk Network, was featured not once, but twice in local Boston media.

Never mind that she's a Red Sox fan, the Law Technology News (aka LTN1) gang loves Lu Ann and her team at LTN2 -- and they partner with us to produce LTN3 -- our Law Technology Now podcasts!

The first article on June 2 appeared in the Boston Business Journal, and also featured Robert J. Ambrogi, who of course produces content for all LTNs (1, 2, & 3) and Law.com (e.g., Legal Blog Watch). Here's the intro to the article, by Lisa van der Pool (and photo, above, is from BBJ):

Bob Ambrogi's weekly podcast, Lawyer2Lawyer, recently hosted a show about the California Supreme Court's decision in favor of gay marriage.

During the broadcast Tara Borelli, a staff attorney at Lambda Legal, which is in favor of same-sex marriage, sparred about the topic with Brian S. Brown, executive director of the National Organization for Marriage, which opposes same-sex marriage.

Ambrogi, a local lawyer who pens several blogs including Legal Blog Watch and Media Law, co-hosts the podcast with Los Angeles-based attorney J. Craig Williams. To date the gay marriage podcast, which was recorded on May 22, has had 1,317 downloads.

"For me, it's something I do entirely for fun," said Ambrogi. "This is marketing in so far as it furthers my reputation as someone on the cutting edge."

The second was on TV, on NECN, sister station to NESN (New England Sports Network), which despite being a Yankees fan, I love, because I absolutely love Jerry Remy, (aka Remdawg) who is celebrating his 20th year as the Sox' TV commentator). (Hey, it's a long story, but I watch NESN all the time to root for the opposing team. He's a terrific commentator, very fair and insightful, but that's another story). I don't know what the NECN acronym stands for -- and couldn't find it on its website, but if I count to 10 some Bostonian will no doubt hit comment and tell us.

ANYWAY... here's the NECN feature about Lu Ann and her team!

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Our June edition of Law Technology Now podcasts features Doug Caddell, CIO of Foley & Lardner, who discusses "Sell Your Tech" -- how law firms can no longer just market their lawyers, they must use their technology tools as well to win, and keep, clients.

Caddell wrote this cover story last year, on this topic, which will also be the cornerstone of our upcoming "FutureTech" track at LegalTech West Coast. The FutureTech track will also include a Green Law panel; and a "TomorrowLand" (with a hat tip to Disneyland) program featuring six industry leaders, whose presentations will be recorded for a special "six-pack" Law Technology Now podcast series in July.

Bluearc_4 The FutureTrack program, as well as the June and July podcasts, are sponsored by BlueArc, a San Jose, Calif.-based company that offers

Caddell talks about the programs his team has developed at Foley, both "client-facing" technology as well as the firm's infrastructure, and how that has helped the firm secure and serve clients.

Also joining us is Henry Dicker, head of LegalTech West Coast, who will preview some of the top attractions of the June 26-27 LTWC, including special opportunities for bloggers (free full conference passes, and more.

Law Technology Now is a joint project between Law Technology News, Law.com & the Legal Talk Network, and you can find it on all our venues -- and iTunes (where you can subscribe for free):

Law.com's Law Technology Now
Legal Talk Network 
iTunes (be patient, it can take a bit to load)

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21320666_3We've been  putting the final touches on the upcoming, first-time ever  Law Technology News Presents FutureTech  at LegalTech West Coast.

We're calling it "The Trifecta" inside ALM, because it's the first time  we've conceived an effort that includes a live presentation, podcasts, and an LTN report.

And I'm updating this post today (June 4) with exciting news: FutureTech will be sponsored by BlueArc, a San Jose-based company that provides "high performance unified network storage systems to enterprise markets, as well as data intensive markets, such as electronic discovery, entertainment, federal government, higher education, internet services, oil and gas and life sciences."

Bluearc_4 BlueArc supports "both network attached storage, or NAS, and storage area network, or SAN, services on a converged network storage platform." We're thrilled to have them as our sponsor of FutureTech!

Here's the 411:

1. Live: Day-long FutureTech track presentation at LegalTech West Coast (L.A.) on Friday, June 27.

2. Podcasts: Podcast package of six standalone presentations, for our Law Technology Now   podcasts (created in partnership with Law.com and Legal Talk Network).

3. Law Technology News (print/digital/website): We'll run a “FutureTech" story, in the August 2008 edition, based on the topics in the track.

FutureTech Live Program at LegalTech West Coast

Panel description: The legal profession is undergoing a dramatic change as firms face a future where clients expect “better, faster, cheaper” legal services, demand use of technology, and require accountability. No longer can law firms be run behind closed doors, managed like private clubs. Today’s firms must compete to win — and retain — business, and are expected to demonstrate the same priorities as their clients: for quality work, diversity, cost management, and responsiveness. This track will explore how firms and clients are responding to these challenges. 

Law Technology News’ editor-in-chief Monica Bay  will moderate all panels

1. Sell Your Tech 10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.
It’s no longer enough for firms to win business based on legal skills alone. Today’s savvy firms realize that they must offer top-line technology to win and keep clients. Our panelist will share how their firms have integrated technology tools, such as extranets and wikis, to increase collaboration and better serve their clients’ expectations.

Doug Caddell  —  CIO, Foley & Lardner.
Rob Kahn — Director, Business Development, Fenwick & West
Robin Solomon – Firmwide Knowledge Manager, Heller Ehrman

Green Law 1:30-3 pm
It’s Not Easy Going Green.... Or is It? Using technology tools to create a “green” workplace will not only lower your energy consumption, it will increase productivity, morale, profits, improve lifestyles and health, cut costs, and help you get, and keep, new clients. How your organization can establish a program, from leadership needed to concrete programs that work.

Alvidas Jasin, Director of Business Development, Thompson Hine
Bruce Lymburn, Partner, Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean
Tony Hoke, Global Technology Purchasing/Asset Manager, Morrison & Foerster

TomorrowLand  3:30-5 pm

Where is legal community headed, and what challenges does it face, as technology becomes embedded in every facet of our lives? From delivering the best possible legal services to our clients; to providing opportunities to excel in the workplace and at home; to confronting the challenges of competing interests in a global economy; it’s a heady challenge to move forward. Named for the iconic futuristic venue at Disneyland, this panel will showcase six legal technology leaders who will forecast what lies ahead — and where opportunities may abound.
J. Craig Williams – Partner, The Williams Lindberg Law Firm  (Tech & Law in Multi-jurisdictional Practices)
Craig Ball – Consultant/Attorney (Crystal Ball: Future of E-Discovery)
Douglas Caddell — CIO, Foley & Lardner (Next Generation – Systems & People)
Peter Hsiao — Head, Land Use & Environmental law Group, Morrison & Foerster (CleanTech)
Tom Baldwin — Chief Knowledge Officer, Reed Smith (Relationship Capital) 
Judith Flournoy – CIO, Loeb & Loeb  (Leadership)

I got the idea for the TomorrowLand sessions from TED (Technology Entertainment Design) -- the Silicon Valley think tank that produces amazing conferences where speakers are allowed exactly 18 minutes to talk. That's it. 18 minutes.

I loved the concept, so I'm trying this format (15 minutes) for the third session of the track -- AND -- we are going to tape them to create "Almost Live from LegalTech West Coast" -- six standalone podcasts for my Law Technology Now series (a joint project between Law.com & Legal Talk Network -- you can even subscribe on iTunes!

Finally, the LTN component: We'll produce at least one article in the August LTN, which will be available in print, digital and website versions.

We are tremendously excited about this first-ever Live/Podcast/Print/Digital/Website effort, and we hope you will join us at LegalTech West Coast, on June 27. And listen, and read! About the only media we're NOT doing (yet) is TV -- but don't rule that out for the future. Let me know what you think!

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MAIL BAG #060108

Mail2On the road again..... catchin' up with the

* Upcoming Webinars:

-- TutorPro Ltd. is offering TutorAuthor NG, designed to help law firms create online educational programs. There are six sessions scheduled this summer.

-- Guille Rayala of Workshare is inviting you to a Workshare/Microsoft webcast on automating enterprise contract management. It will be held June 10, at 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. East coast time.

* Congrats to Jonathan Ezor and the gang at the Touro Law Center's Institute of Business, Law & Technology. They are celebrating their 5th year anniversary with a bash on June 18 at the Long Island facility. Details here: _invitation.pdf

* Also celebrating a year 5 milestone is "Excited Utterances," a newsletter created by editors Joy London and Sean Hockings. It covers KM, tech, publishing, blogging, open source, and web 2.0 topics, all aimed specifically at the legal community. Check out the current issue here, which has subscription info: Download llneu_149_23_may_2008.pdf

* The San Jose Mercury News is going digital, check it out here.

* United Airlines' Red Carpet Club now offers free wi-fi -- it's still from T-Mobile but you no longer have to be a subscriber, you can simply use your RCC membership number to access it. UAL is also following suit of other airline clubs, and now you can purchase a 1-day pass online for $50 -- that can come in handy as gifts or if you have extra guests with you.

* Deborah Novachick checks in with a report about her efforts to raise money for the Tall Ships Education project.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed. By the last report we raised $1,800. So wonderful, wonderful. This has been a great experience for me.  It is a lot of work to get it all organized, but then you get to e-mail everyone, and hear from so many people.  Very much a community experience.  I am big on community.

Stayed in roughly the same geographic area all my life, went to college and lived among a very dedicated community of educators, stayed in the same career and industry all my life, and got involved in a lot of community activities. Started in kindergarten when a neighbor who was an elementary school teacher rounded up all the little neighborhood girls to start a Blue Birds group. We all stayed together from Blue Birds, to Campfire Girls, to Jr. High Campfire Girls. Then we went on to sports, cheerleading, student office, peer counseling, and, not surprisingly, many of us ended up in professions like counseling, consulting, lawyering, teaching, real estate, and nursing.

For a bunch of little girls we had some amazing adventures (at 11 I broke my foot when tobogganing with two of the most adventurous girls in Lake Tahoe -- between a Propane tank and a telephone pole – don’t try this at home -- and then I messed around on my cast so much that I had to wear assorted casts for SIX MONTHS – became known, affectionately, as “the gimp” at school, but hey, for 6 months I got out of classes early and had someone carrying my books!) 

We kept widening our circle of friends, helping each other, and adding new mentors until we grew up.  Then we continued to seek out mentors.  And eventually we found ourselves mentoring others.  I can’t imagine what my life would be like without learning firsthand (experiential education) how warm and generous people can be.  And what we can accomplish as a team, a community. 

I realize now that we were pretty poor as kids.  But I had no idea at the time.  We seemed to be surrounded by people who had so much to share. 

I hope the girls at the Tall Ship Education come away with that feeling that so many things are possible.  I have been prepping for a speech on generational differences in October, so I understand better now that outlooks can be very different depending on the times one grows up in.

But the answer seems to be diversity and communication.  And that was exactly what my integrated public schools, the teachers, and mentors showed us when we were kids. And it is what the “Experiential Education” approach behind TSEA’s programs teaches. TSEA creates an environment where a highly diverse community is intent on a very important goal that benefit to the community (i.e., not to sink the ship and all one’s shipmates And then the magic happens.

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About 300 people attended this week's Louisiana Bar Association's first Solo & Small Firm Technology Conference -- about three times the number originally expected by the organizers of this nuts-and-bolts conference.

Ericsmall_2 LSBA's Eric Barefield, left, -- who has the long title of Professional Counsel for Law Office Management and Professional Assistance -- was the chief organizer of the program, which not only was a crash course in legal technology but a nifty way to rack up a whole lot of CLE credits in two days.

I was honored to be invited to serve as the lunch speaker, on the topic of blogging, and among the others of our legal tech community who participated were consultant Tom O'Connor, a recent emigre to NoLa, Andy Adkins of the University of Florida (Gainesville) Legal Technology Institute, and the ubiquitous Ross Kodner, president of Milwaukee-based MicroLaw Inc.

Adkinssmall O'Connor and Adkins, right, are current LTN editorial advisory board members, Kodner is a former board member, and watching them in action this week reminded me of what talent and energy and heart they bring to our community.

They are three very different personalities, but one common thread permeates all three: a true passion for their work. It's a running joke among all of us that if you are on a panel with Ross Kodner, you better speak first or you will be lucky to speak for 5 minutes. He's a very effective, enthusiastic  speaker, who seems to almost to burst with eagerness to share his expertise with the audience. If we could tap his energy we would be paying 24 cents a gallon for gas again.

Rossmall_2 I sat in on his "How Not to Commit Malpractice with Your Computer," and was reminded of how effective Kodner, left, can be at the podium. Aside from his dreadful PowerPoints (Ross! Don't cram so much text on each slide!) he's a whirling dervish of practical information, presented with humor and enough person asides to make the potentially dry material very palatable. In fact, often compelling.

Perhaps the best part of his presentation was when he showed an actual BigFirm document (redacted to remove any identifying material) to demonstrate how a huge firm got fired when its client was able to read all the metadata on the file about its history -- which included such tasty details as the fact that the document was actually originally created by another firm, modified by a low-level associate in less than an hour, but billed out at a huge partners' rate for far more time than one hour. Let's put it this way, Ross had the audience's attention.

Too many CLE speakers at programs are just flat-out lousy who appear to view the opportunity as a chore, and stand up and give flat monotoned monologues while attendees work on their   BlackBerrys or play Scrabble on the iPods while collecting CLE credits.

Ross, Andy & Tom are examples of speakers who know how to push essential information while capitalizing on the "theater" of the podium, so that at the end of the session, the attendees want more ..... rather than looking for the fastest way to exit the room.

Congrats to Barefield and the LSBA team for presenting a high-energy, two-day program that was crammed with the pragmatic and the essential, from ethics and malpractice prevention, to overviews of basic technology tools (everything from Adobe Acrobat to Outlook to case management to scanners).

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E-Discovery: Defining Documents: Bye Bye Bates

One of the most challenging problems facing litigators is how to work with the massive volume of digital documents produced during discovery. In the past, each piece of paper was stamped with a "Bates" number -- to help manage exhibits. But with digital files, no "pages" and no "Bates" number! Now files may be anything from Excel spread sheets to Word files, to e-mail, to iPod downloads! What to do?

Listen as Monica Bay, editor-in-chief of Law Technology News talks with Tom O'Connor, director of the Legal Electronic Document Institute (and a long-time member of LTN's editorial advisory board) who says it's time to rethink how we process and review files. Hear about a simple step that controls costs, improves accuracy and could dramatically change the face of e-discovery.

O'Connor also discusses the Louisiana Bar Solo and Small Firm Technology conference -- taking place today in New Orleans -- that is designed to help practitioners affected by Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Both O'Connor and LTN's Monica Bay are speakers at the two-day event.

Show URL on LegalTalkNetwork:

On Law.com's Law Technology Now.

MP3 Link

Windows Media Link

And you can subscribe free on iTunes.

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Lecture2 Let's turn the mic over to Larry Bodine, member of LTN's edit board and speaker extraordinaire: 

Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to let you know that I will be a speaker for an upcoming Law Journal Newsletters webinar, "Getting New Business from Online Social Networks," on Thursday, May 15, 2008 from 12:00PM — 2:00PM Eastern Time.

Thousands of lawyers have created profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and Plaxo Pulse — but they don't know how to use them to get new clients and make more money. Yet with the right approach, online social networking can be a powerful tool for generating new business, as some in the legal profession are beginning to discover.

This live web audio conference will examine the promise of social networking for lawyers, with particular emphasis on LinkedIn because of its business-orientation. Featuring detailed guidance on specific capabilities and features, it will explain how you can use social networks to:

* Get professional introductions
* Find and stay in touch with former colleagues
* Ask questions of everyone in your network

* Seek endorsements and recommendations
*Search for jobs
*Use a social networking listing as a web page alternative
*Join or start an SIG
and more

As a special favor, Law Journal Newsletters (ALM) has arranged a special discount for my clients/colleagues.  You can receive 30% off the registration price or CD-ROM of the presentation when you use promo code 2215083

Register up until May 14th  or by phone at 212-313-9248.

P.S. From Mon -- be sure to tell them you saw it on The Common Scold :)

P.P.S. Larry's a very busy dude. He will also be chairing ALM's Chief Marketing Forum: Modern Business Development program, Sept. 16-17 at the Westin NY. Details here or contact Karen Abrams here.


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16953829_2 Our latest Law.com/LTN  EDD Webinar,   E-Discovery: Controlling Costs  is now available. This one-hour  webinar was sponsored by  EED (thanks!) and is free.

We had a blast taping this one; how could you not with such a fabulous group of speakers:

* Craig Ball,  LTN's "Ball in Your Court" columnist and Austin-based trial lawyer/tech guru/ computer forensic examiner.
* Patrick Oot, director of E-Discovery and senior lit counsel at Verizon
• Rich Hauser, senior corp. counsel, office of the general counsel, Farmers Group, Inc.
• Browning Marean, partner, DLA Piper U.S.

Yours truly was the moderator.

Enjoy!  And we love to get feedback!  Let us know what we can improve and what you like: E-mail us at eddupdate@alm.com.

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California Speaking of live blogging, plans are underway for LegalTech West Coast, in Los Angeles, June 25-26 to repeat our popular  "Almost-Live from New York" blog-o-rama.

We'll once again have live reporting on Legal Blog Watch, which will again serve as a central clearinghouse for other posts from other bloggers covering the show.

All non-vendor bloggers who plan to do live blogging will be provided with a free full conference pass (e-mail legalblogwatch@alm.com to register), we're going to have a welcome breakfast on June 25 open to all bloggers.

We're planning to designate the first two rows of every conference program for bloggers and provide electrical outlet strips, and looking into other ways to facilitate blogging at our West Coast show!

I'll keep you posted!

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Stpday_2Just arrived at ABA TechShow late Friday.... I'm presenting Saturday morning (i.e., today) on one of two "Green" panels... Do stop by if you're in the 'hood (Chicago Hilton):

Abatechsow_001_2 * Lara Pearson and Arthur Harrington (left) will present "Meeting the ABA EPA Law Office Climate Challenge, from 8:30 am - 9:30 a.m., then I will join them for the 9:45 panel, "Small Footprint - Big Impact:" Improving Client Services with Sustainable Practices. (Northwest 3).

* After our panel, stick around for the ABA TechShow's signature panel, "60 Sites in 60 Minutes," which closes out the event, and features Craig Ball (LTN's EDD columnist), TechShow chair Tom Mighell, and D.C.'s own Reid Trautz  in the Grand Ballroom.

Can't attend? No prob: Check out the blog reports:

* The aforementioned Tom Mighell.

* Robert Ambrogi on Law.com's  LegalBlogWatch offers links.

* Larry Bodine is blogging (and also on assignment for LTN, scoping out the latest social media issues -- keep an eye out for his report in the April Law Technology News).

Kevinokeefe * Kevin O'Keefe's (right) team is also live-blogging, with a very interesting concept -- Rob La Gatta is interviewing some of the tech community's leaders, including Jim Calloway, of the Oklahoma bar;  Aviva  Cuyler, who just launched JD Supra; and Ed Poll, of LawBiz, among many others.

O'Keefe's LexBlog and The ABA Journal (Ed Adams & Molly McDonough) co-sponsored a Beer for Blawgers get together Friday, which was a lot of fun, and O'Keefe even used his live blogging feature to alert folks that the venue had to move to a different lobby bar, due to overcrowding with green-bedecked revelers gathering at the original site (Kitty O'Shea's) to kick off the St. Patrick's Day Chicago celebrations. Chicago LOVES St. Patrick's Day -- and its annual huge parade will take place Sunday.

Other live bloggers:

* ABA TechShow Buzz * Dennis Kennedy


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We've been scurrying to get the March issue to bed, and I've been also trying to catch up on my sleep post LegalTech New York, so apologies for the quiet.

Here's a few post-LegalTech items for your consideration:

C2c1Robert Ambrogi & J. Craig Williams had LTNY covered, shall I say, "coast to coast." (OK, OK, that was the former name of their weekly LegalTalkNetwork podcast, now re-dubbed Lawyer2Lawyer. From New York, Ambrogi trolled the showfloors, talking to vendors and even Henry Dicker, LTNY's chief. Take a listen to what about a dozen folks had to say, ranging from Thomson Corp.'s John Shaughnessy to Robert Childress, president of Wave Software, to Joseph Scott of Compulaw.

From the West Coast, Craig was kind enough to interview yours truly about key trends at the show. Check it out here. (Scroll down).

• If you missed it, Thomson West also did a podcast, featuring Ambrogi, The Wall Street Journal's Ashby Jones, et moi, here.

The also did videos with Bob et moi, via YouTube, here (see right nav bar) — where you can see that my recent reallllly bad hair cut has not yet fully grown out. Ugh. I think I'll stick to podcasts, and leave the videos to handsome Bob. :)

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Judge_2 ALM and Courtroom View Network,  a legal video news organization, today announced the launch  of CourtroomLive, a new service bringing exclusive live and on-demand video coverage of newsworthy and precedent-setting legal proceedings direct to professionals' desktops. Designed to serve the needs of litigators, law firms, in-house counsel, law schools, financial analysts and others in the financial and securities industry, the site provides access to live, streaming trial video; on-demand video clips of trial highlights; and customized video services.

Detailed information and a free demo of services are available here.

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20855545_2 We're excited to announce that Law.com, in cooperation with Law Technology News magazine, will be offering a special platform for those of you who will be blogging from next week's LegalTech New York event.

We'll devote Law.com's Legal Blog Watch Web page  and newsletter to LTNY coverage from Tuesday through Thursday, Feb. 5-7, offering a central clearinghouse for LTNY-related blog coverage. By showcasing links to your posts, we hope to generate interest in and traffic to YOUR blog.

Here's the plan. If you're planning to attend LTNY and blog about it, please drop us a line now at legalblogwatch@alm.com with the name of the blog and the bloggers. That way we'll know who to expect to hear from next week, and we'll be able to post a note about our blogger-participants.

After you post on your blog, send us the URL (permalink) with an intro sentence about the post to legalblogwatch@alm.com. Our Legal Blog Watch editor will post them — in a style similar to that of the EDD Update Blog.  Be sure to include your name, the blog name, your phone number and email address in case we need to contact you.

We’ll highlight this LTNY Special Edition of Legal Blog Watch on Law.com, the Law Technology News website, Law.com Legal Technology  and our associated blogs: EDD Update, Sean Doherty's Law.com Legal Technology and Monica Bay's The Common Scold.

Bloggers who are journalists, consultants, or analysts should let us know if they need free press credentials. (Vendor bloggers are welcome to participate, but we can’t offer them press credentials.) Please email requests for credentials to LegalBlogWatch@alm.com by noon on Monday, Feb. 4, and pick up your credentials at LegalTech registration during the show. When you email your request, be sure to include your name, address, blog name, email address and phone number.

All bloggers are welcome to join us Wednesday, from 9-10 a.m., for an informal bloggers gathering at the Pettite Trianon Room, on the 3rd floor of the Hilton. We'll even provide lousy coffee and mediocre Danish.

And bloggers -- in case you are wondering, the Hilton offers free wireless in its lobby.

If you have any questions, please email us at (David) or (Monica).


David Snow
Executive Editor

Monica Bay
Editor-in-Chief Law Technology News
The Common Scold

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9734555 Thomson West offers its Legal Tech blog here as well as a special podcast, featuring The Wall Street Journal's legal correspondent, Ashby Jones; Legal Blog Watch's own co-moderator Robert J. Ambrogi; and LTN editor and yours truly, here.

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MAILBAG #010208

20750870_2 I don't know about you, but it just seems impossible to me that we are really in 2008. Where did the 90s go? Or the 80s for that matter? :)

Anyway, happy new year, and may the sun shine (not too) brightly on you this coming year, may moonshine and the stars bring you joy as well.

Forward... on to the inbox:

• Martin Metz, CIO of O'Melveny & Myers, and Dean Olsen, CTO, Steptoe  & Johnson, will be featured in a Jan. 14 (Monday) webinar offered by Compuware, discussing "Trends in law firm IT Management: An executive discussion." Both of their firms use Compuware's Vantage technology.

• Congratulations to Ross Kodner, who married Carolyn Carissimo on New Year's Eve! Ask him to send you their PowerPoint wedding announcement. 

• Dave Frankel at Cambridge Economics Group has launched a new subscription service, to help legal professionals predict settlements. Press release here.

• Barry Schneider, who with LTN board member Larry Bodine, edits the new Originate montly online newsletter about personal marketing for lawyers, wants you to know about an upcoming workshope that he will be conducting with Mike Cummings. It will be held on Friday, Jan. 25 at Belo Mansion (home of the Dallas Bar Assn.). For more info, click here.

• Lisa Solomon checks in to report that The Billable Hour Co. has launched The Video Venue, featuring law-related videos.

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MAILBAG #122407

BeachxmasA bit of catchup before I head back to the beach (the news never sleeps)....

• First, thanks to Pro Bono Net, and in particular, Pam Weisz, for this kind write-up of our new Law Technology Now podcast. ALM's CEO, Bill Pollak, serves on the board of this terrific organization, which helps facilitate pro bono services by our legal community.

Baldwin_color • Tom Baldwin is one of many folks who are changing jobs effective as the year ends:

I have accepted the Chief Knowledge Officer position at Reed Smith, which has skyrocketed up the Amlaw 100 in recent years and will likely exceed 1B in revenue for 2007. I'm eager to get started, but will look back with fond memories on my time with Sheppard Mullin. My last day at Sheppard Mullin is December 28th and I start at Reed Smith on January 7th, 2008.  My new email address will be here.

•  Michael Kraft checks in to let us know that Kraft, Kennedy & Lesser Inc. -- which is celebrating its 20th anniversary -- has re-branded and is now officially Kraft & Kennedy Inc., or Kraft Kennedy in everyday parlance:

Over the past two years, our firm has enjoyed unprecedented growth. Among the services most in demand were data center consolidation projects, virtualization, email archiving, Exchange 2007 upgrades and Office 2007 deployment planning. All indications are that this trend will continue. To prepare for this growth, and to ensure that we maintain the highest possible level of customer service, we are aggressively hiring new talent while investing in our existing people and service offerings.

Our efforts in this regard have resulted in the establishment of a series of internal expert teams, nicknamed "xTeams."  In place since 2006, the teams expanded their skills and influence in 2007. They played a significant role in most of our initiatives by providing in-depth expertise and guidance to many project teams and clients. We currently have xTeams specializing in messaging, virtualization technologies, enterprise content management & collaboration, thin client technologies, O/S and desktop design and deployment, storage and business continuity planning. 

Congrats, Tom and Michael (here's to another 20!) Both Tom and Michael are members of LTN's edit board.

• It's not year-end yet, but the buzz over LegalTech New York is already in full gear.

      Amy Juers' Edge Legal Marketing has announced the creation of an online newsroom, the Edge Room. We'll post more details as they become available. You can read all about it on the LTNY newsletter, which also happens to feature yours truly, here.

• Our colleagues at ALM Research have just released the 2007 National Law Journal Billing Survey. 411 here.

• Mark Harris drops a note with the latest tasty edition  of The Axiom Blawg Roll.

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