The Common Scold

The Common Scold is named after a cause of action that originated in Pilgrim days, when meddlesome, argumentative, opinionated women who displeased the Puritan elders were punished by a brisk dunk in the local pond. Believe it or not, the tort lasted until 1972, when State v. Palendrano, 120 N.J. Super. 336, 293 A.2d 747 (N.J.Super.L., Jul 13, 1972) pretty much put it to rest. But the thought of those feisty women, not afraid of a little cold water, has always cheered me up and inspired me. I first used the moniker as the name of my humor column at the University of San Francisco School of Law many moons ago, and revive it now for this blawg!

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Hurricane Sandy - photos from the Upper East Side

Carcovered The upper east side of Manhattan fared better than lower parts of our island, but none the less, several cars will drive no more. In the grand scheme of things, that's so not a big deal considering the devastation and lives lost in the wake of Sandy's visit to the East Coast. 

Here are a few more photos, shot within a few blocks of the East River. See album here.











 Images: Monica Bay

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That was a devastating time of the year. I hope that every one is now well and have moved on after the typhoon. We could only pray that this won't happen again.

Posted by: Tom Smith | Jan 25, 2013 11:47:30 PM

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