The Common Scold

The Common Scold is named after a cause of action that originated in Pilgrim days, when meddlesome, argumentative, opinionated women who displeased the Puritan elders were punished by a brisk dunk in the local pond. Believe it or not, the tort lasted until 1972, when State v. Palendrano, 120 N.J. Super. 336, 293 A.2d 747 (N.J.Super.L., Jul 13, 1972) pretty much put it to rest. But the thought of those feisty women, not afraid of a little cold water, has always cheered me up and inspired me. I first used the moniker as the name of my humor column at the University of San Francisco School of Law many moons ago, and revive it now for this blawg!

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Sherlockian Andrew Peck

NY-BJ973_HOLMES_G_20120102155603U.S. Magistrate Andrew Peck is featured in today's Wall Street Journal, in an article about the pending five-day celebration of Sherlock Holmes' "suspected" birthday on Jan. 6 (about 500 folks are expected to participate). Peck is a member of the invitation-only "Baker Street Irregulars, who gather in New York to discuss all things Conan Doyle. Check out Jo Piazza's story here (subscription required) or on page A-17 of the paper version. 

Update: Peck — winner of the 2011 LTN Innovation Award for IT Champion of the Year — will be the keynote speaker at the Association of Litigation Support Professionals’ annual conference, March 12 & 13, at the Sheraton New Orleans.

Among the offerings are panels on forensics, litigation holds, mobile devices, career planning, certification, trial presentations, and more.

Further information: www.alsponline.org

Photo: Natalie Keyssar for The Wall Street Journal.

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