The Common Scold

The Common Scold is named after a cause of action that originated in Pilgrim days, when meddlesome, argumentative, opinionated women who displeased the Puritan elders were punished by a brisk dunk in the local pond. Believe it or not, the tort lasted until 1972, when State v. Palendrano, 120 N.J. Super. 336, 293 A.2d 747 (N.J.Super.L., Jul 13, 1972) pretty much put it to rest. But the thought of those feisty women, not afraid of a little cold water, has always cheered me up and inspired me. I first used the moniker as the name of my humor column at the University of San Francisco School of Law many moons ago, and revive it now for this blawg!



Google Google Geeks:  The always effervescent Gayle O'Connor, now with Ixio Corp. advised the denizens of the ABA's SoloSez listserv about a new Google Group, called Law Office Technology. The description sez it's for lawyers, law office IT, and vendors, and designed to discuss the "latest, greatest (and not so greatest) products and techniques to make the practice of law better and more efficient." Check it out

Daddy watch: Jaime Diaferia tipped me off that the Boston Globe (and the Mets' website ) are reporting that the Mets are close to a deal with Pedro. Apparently, the guarantee of a fourth year is enticing to the Mango beach boy. Come on Larry!!! Cough up!!!! We WANT Pedro to stay with the Red Sox. Our chant won't be as much fun against the Mets! Pleeeeaassseee Larry!

Meanwhile, back in the Bronx: No further news on Carl CarlpavanoPavano (right) -- he's declared his allegiance to the Yanks, but no deal's yet been announced. And I'm getting a bit pessimistic that Cash/brenner will hold onto to El Duque... reports suggest that they won't need him as a starter, given the firepower they're buying.... I hope they do, he's a true original! Nor have the Yanks been able to unload Kevin Brown.  I know it's irrational, but I'd take El Duque over Brown any day of the week.

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Just like George Foster, Vince Coleman, Moe Vaughn, Tom Glavine and a virtual Cha-Cha line of stars turnes losers, Pedro will no doubt come to the Mets, forget how to play the game, lose week after week after week, get booed, get depressed and find his "Daddy" somewhere in the South Bronx! And I will go on doing what I have done my entire life....have hope for the Mets until half way in the season when I realize it is all futile, only to start looking forward to football season and the Giants, where I have hope for the Giants until half way in the season when I realize it is all futile, only to start looking forward to baseball season and the Mets, where I hope....well now you know why I am depressed.

Mon, thanks for putting my bizarre links on your Legal & Tech sites area, you are clearly as warped as I am...(said in the most affectionate of tone)

Posted by: Michael "Depressed Mets & Giants Fan" Potters | Dec 13, 2004 8:01:38 PM

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