The Common Scold

The Common Scold is named after a cause of action that originated in Pilgrim days, when meddlesome, argumentative, opinionated women who displeased the Puritan elders were punished by a brisk dunk in the local pond. Believe it or not, the tort lasted until 1972, when State v. Palendrano, 120 N.J. Super. 336, 293 A.2d 747 (N.J.Super.L., Jul 13, 1972) pretty much put it to rest. But the thought of those feisty women, not afraid of a little cold water, has always cheered me up and inspired me. I first used the moniker as the name of my humor column at the University of San Francisco School of Law many moons ago, and revive it now for this blawg!



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Done Deal: IBM has announced Tuesday that it will indeed sell its PC business to China’s Lenovo, reports
USAToday. It’s a $1.75 billion deal - $1.25B cash, and Lenovo will pick up $500 in liabilities.

Fad Du Jour: I was sitting in the Red Carpet Club, and couldn’t believe it when I heard “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” coming from the adjacent carrel.Turns out, it was a ringtone (that I’m trying to find) from a fellow road warrior’s cell phone. I just cracked up. Cellphone Apparently, these ringers are the rage – you can buy ’em for a buck or two. And you can buy “master tones” – ringers that play an actual song. In fact, today’s copy of USA Today has a  page 1 story about they have caught on to the tune of $4  billion.

And it’s gone beyond just what you hear when the phone is beckoning you. There’s lots of variations, and you can even program what callers will hear before you find your phone to answer it. T-Mobile has just rolled out “Caller Tunes” – 40 second song snippets to your caller– at $1.99 a pop. You can also program incoming calls to have a different song for each caller. Amazingly, Billboard will even give out a “Best Ringtone of the Year” award. Top ringtone right now: Drop It Like It’s Hot, by Snoop Dogg.

Baseballgreen BASEBALL!! The dance is now getting into full swing, as the Yanks and USA Today reports that P Jaret Wright, of the Braves, is close to signing a three-year K worth about $20 million, to help revamp the rotation. Cash/brenner also has reached an agreement with the Card’s Tony Womack – a 2-year, $2 mil deal, to replace 2B Miguel Cairo, who did a solid job last year but is not superstar material. (And Nomah just reupped with the Cubs, so no more fantasies about a 3-pak of shortstops: A-Rod/ Jeter/ Garciaparra). Some disappointing news: We lost Jon Lieber to the Phillies. And San Diego offered Boomer salary arbitratrion, so it remains unlikely that he’ll come back to the Bronx next year. Nor will we get P Brad Radke from the Twins – he signed a 2-year K to stay put.

Shallow End of the Gene Pool: (thanks again to USA Today): “Detroit Tigers outfielder Craig Monroe was arrested for allegedly stealing a $29.99 belt from a department store...”  And how much does he earn?

PedroDaddy watch: Pedro’s been offered salary arbitration (as were Derek Lowe and Jason Varitek) so we’re closer to assuring that he stays put with the (self-described) Idiots. This is good. However, Lucchino’s quote to Tyler Kepner in the NYT today makes me nervous: “You just can’t let sentiment and nostalgia interfere with hard baseball decisions. That’s a problem all the time. You can’t fall in love with your veterans. We always say that.” 

Oh yes you can Larry. Yes, yes, yes, you can. Stay in love with your veterans. (Geooorrrrgggeee: NO PEDRO.) 

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On your Fad du jour post, I couldn't agree more. See this post: Get That Silly Ring Off Your Phone.

Posted by: J. Craig Williams | Dec 10, 2004 6:19:39 PM

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